chocolate peanut butter pie

Why aren’t all vegans skinny? This pie. It’s easy like Sunday morning and tastes like what I think medicine in the Care Bear hospital would taste like. It’s the perfect dessert to share with omnivores.

·4 T vanilla soymilk (or plain & add some vanilla extract)
·2/3 c peanut butter (I can’t speak to the naturalness of Skippy)
·12 oz silken tofu (could also use the shelf-stable tetrapak kind)
·4 oz semi-sweet chocolate chips, melted
·1/3 c sugar (little bit more if you’re using plain soymilk)
·some kinda crust…or not & eat it like a mousse

Throw everything in a blender and blend. It’s tough at first, but keep at it. I tried a hand mixer once and got lumps. I’ve never tried one of those stick-blender things. Maybe that’d work. Anyway, when it’s all smooth and sweetened to your liking, pour into a prepared crust. I used a ready-made chocolate one, but I’ve made graham before and it tastes great.
Chill for at least a couple of hours. I topped this with Soyatoo, which I found at Whole Foods, right next to the dairy can o’ whipped cream. After two nights in the fridge, the crust can get soggy, so share with friends and you won’t have that problem.

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