Might as well, right?

Having just moved to Portland, I figure I’ve gotten my new license and registered my car, and I’m working on getting a new phone…all that’s left is to start a vegan blog. I hear the fine for not having one is pretty steep.

A good handful of recipes with step-by-step photos I’d made a site for, mostly for my mom, will be coming over here and I’ll be quitting that site–I was just piggybacking off Tom’s site anyway. They’re all pretty simple and pretty damn good. (If they weren’t, I wouldn’t have bothered.)

I also want to examine some of those pesky not-so-obviously animal-derived ingredients. Just because you don’t see a “contains milk products” doesn’t mean it doesn’t contain cow or other animal products. As I teach myself about them, why not share the knowledge?

Then there’s the kvetching. And the embarrassing confessions of kitchen-related and -unrelated mishaps. And we’ll see what else pops up.

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